Cloudtasking begins as Multitasking becomes “old school”

Posted by Dan / on 09/16/2009 / 1 Comment


Cloudtasking begins as Multitasking becomes “old school”



Today’s blog entry is not specifically oriented on equity compensation, but is instead oriented on how we all work today. I’m talking about Cloudtasking. Cloudtasking is my new term for working while immersed in our multi-media world. Today I noticed that I was listening to and watching an online presentation on webcasting best practices while I was simultaneously involved in a text conversation on my Blackberry, a Skype conversation on my laptop, and a review of an old PowerPoint presentation. At the same time, I was monitoring my e-mail and I posted a new job posting on the ECE site.



In today’s world what we once viewed as distractions are now viewed as necessities. I’ve begun to wonder whether company processes and best practices have been designed around this cloudtasking environment. Do we specify that specific processes must be done with external distractions shut down, or do we leave it to the professional and hope for the best? I wonder about this in part because of a recent article that claimed multitaskers are less efficient than single-taskers.



I think this issue is closer to home for equity compensation professionals and for many other professionals. Equity compensation requires a unique blend of both strategic and tactical expertise and very specific knowledge regarding law, accounting, tax and administrative functionality. The job itself has no natural home at a company. While we are most likely to see equity compensation falling under the human resources Department, it can often be found in many other areas of the company as well. While our “customers” are obviously plan participants, they also include many corporate areas which require reporting and the specific needs of the executives of the company.



So my question is this: how do we best perform in a world where we must deal with a cloud of information and yet create clarity for each individual constituent?



Would love to hear ECE members thoughts on this topic and perhaps you can provide advice two other ECE members on how you handle this new and growing complexity.


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  • Shawn says:

    Dan, interesting observations. i admire your abililty to cloudtask -- it is beyond my capability, and may be one other reason that there is an increasing focus on age discriminatin toward job candidates (disclaimer to my contemporaries - this may not be true of you)! There are, of course, some things, like proper grammar and usage, that are given up while cloud tasking...for example, from the last paragraph in your post:

    "perhaps you can provide advice two other ECE members on how you handle this new and growing complexity"

    TWO other ECE members or TO other ECE members????

    Thanks for being a good sport!

    October 13, 2009 at 8:07 AM | Permalink


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