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05/22/2009 29.4 KB Michael Bendorf
05/22/2009 42.3 KB Michael Bendorf
04/29/2009 130.3 KB Dan Walter
The Performance Equity Compensation Matrix provides an overview of the 11 types of performance-based equity programs. It includes a typical uses and recipients, common features, and key issues regarding tax, accounting, communication and administration.
04/29/2009 107 KB Dan Walter
The Equity Compensation Design and Use Matrix provides a high level overview of nearly every form of equity compensation including their primary use, typical recipients; key features and accounting, legal, tax, communication and administration issues
04/29/2009 8.5 MB Dan Walter
A brief over of GEMS, the industries only tool for tracking, managing and communicating Performance-based Equity. GEMS fits between your Finance and HR/Comp system and your stock admin system. Contact Dan Walter 917-734-4649,
04/29/2009 254 KB Eileen Witt
If you plan to attend the E*Trade Conference, stop by the Baker & McKenzie and LawInContext table for a demonstration of the Global Equity Helpdesk.
04/21/2009 16.2 KB Don Gillotti, CEP
EASi leads the market again with full support for repricings and other material modifications in May.
04/11/2009 96.1 KB Bill Dillhoefer
Supercharging your plan's retention and motivational potency via effective participant communication & decision support
03/17/2009 32.6 KB Don Gillotti, CEP
EASi takes market leadership position on IFRS
02/27/2009 546.5 KB Eileen Witt
Do you need instant access to global tax and legal information for equity grants? Check out the LawInContext Global Equity Helpdesk. Online database of key tax and legal information for 53 countries. All content authored and updated by Baker & McKenzie.
02/06/2009 18.1 KB Don Gillotti, CEP
02/05/2009 181.9 KB Arnold Kingsberg
Support for your financial reporting from Mission Mpower
02/05/2009 137.8 KB Arnold Kingsberg
Next generation, in-house financial reporting & administration toolset from Mission Mpower
02/05/2009 198.6 KB Marlene Gasdia-Cochrane
New FAS 123R-Related Capabilities Define Latest Release of Two Step Software's Stock Plan Management Tool - press release
02/05/2009 140.4 KB Marlene Gasdia-Cochrane
Case Study: Transportation Firm Cuts FAS 123R Review from Days to Hours
02/05/2009 318 KB Marlene Gasdia-Cochrane
Case Study: Technology Company Simplifies FAS 123R Compliance
02/05/2009 174 KB Marlene Gasdia-Cochrane
Case Study: Knowledge Management Company Learns How to Simplify the Audit Process
02/05/2009 1.3 MB Bill Dillhoefer
Participant Communication & Decision Support Platform
02/05/2009 47.5 KB Dan Walter
02/05/2009 105.1 KB Daniel Janich
This article addresses the alternatives available to a company that has underwater options outstanding.

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