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URGENT: I Need Your Help - 3 Questions about ESPP - deadline July 2, 2015


I need to gather some information about ESPP practices that I cannot find anywhere. I figured the ECE member can help. (I will share the results here)

The link below will take you to a survey with only three questions. 

3 Questions About ESPP
1. How many employees participated in your most recent ESPP Purchase? (+/- 10% of the exact number is fine)
2. What was the total contributions in USD$ for your most recent ESPP purchase? (+/- 10% of the exact number is fine)
3. What is the frequency of your ESPP purchases?
Head the survey...
P.S. No need to provide any personal of specific company information.

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So, Thanks to those of you who participated in the survey so far. 22 companies provided answers. 19 provided complete and correct answers.

Emily Cervino of Fidelity also provided data from a set of research that Fidelity and Radford did last year.

Steve Balsam of Temple University also provide some interesting information.

Here's where we stand so far

ECE Data

  • Average participant contributes more than $9,850 to the ESPP (This was higher than I expected)
  • Companies range in size from 114 participants to more then 19,000 participants
  • the lowest average contribution is $2,444, for a plan that purchases every 6 months (for reference the next lowest is $5,179, so it is quite and outlier)
  • The highest average contribution is $18,210, for a plan that purchase monthyl and has only 114 participants. (Perhaps this is an executive/management nonqualified ESPP)
  • Sample data set is still too small to make any conclusive statements.  I hope that we will get at least 100 respondents by the end of this month.  Please make the time.  This effort may result in some very powerful data.

Fidelity / Radford Data (thanks Emily)

  • Data only includes companies that use Fidelity as a provider
  • The data shows avg annual contribution for a variety of purchase lengths and discounts. 
  • The highest annual contribution is $6,414 for plans with a 6 months purchase period and a 15% discount. Since this is much lower than the current average from the ECE survey, it will be interesting to see if things change as more data comes in

The Temple University data (thanks Steve) was a bit broader in scope.  The data is not directly relevant for this project yet, but it may become so as more data comes in from the ECE survey.


Thanks and please participate in the survey.  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9SSTKR7


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